Lynne Viti, Baltimore Poet-in-Exile

Lynne Viti, Baltimore Poet-in-Exile

from Ann Kovaa # 1

Lynne Viti is a poet, author and teacher. The daughter of a Highlandtown, Baltimore tavern owner and a Baltimore County schoolteacher, she practiced law in Boston for two decades, and taught writing at Wellesley College for 30 years.

Her full-length poetry collection, Dancing at Lake Montebello (Apprentice House Press of Loyola University Maryland), is available in both e-book and in paperback from Bookshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from independent booksellers.

Viti’s Charm City overflows with survivors and ghosts, yet avoids the minefields of sentiment. Snapshots from decades past—euthanasia coasters and backfin, mean girls and pheromones, talismans and to-do lists—collapse time. And “love” is in the details, the dance of the natural world, the white foam where the sandy shore and frothy water embrace. Viti has mastered the music and the moves in a collection that pierces the darkness.”
—Richard Peabody, editor, Gargoyle Magazine

“What you cannot know unless you hail from Viti’s hometown is that on the far side of Lake Montebello is a rehab hospital by the same name. It’s a place one goes to, to gain strength after something bad has happened. This collection by the Crabtown poet-in-exile offers the same.” —Rafael Alvarez, author, The Orlo & Leini Tales

Viti’s poetry chapbooks, Baltimore Girls (2017) and The Glamorganshire Bible (2018), and her short fiction collection, Going too Fast (2020) are published by Finishing Line Press.

Lynne Viti was awarded Honorable Mentions in the WOMR/Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest for her poems “Rene and Marcella,” (2018) “Biography” (2019) and “Meditations at Newcomb Hollow Beach” (2020); the Glimmer Train 2014 short fiction contest for her short story, ”Tony Bennett, Aldous Huxley and Eddie”; and the 2015 Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award for “Pâtissière.” She was nominated for the Mass. Book Award in 2017, 2018 and 2020.

Viti’s essay, “’I Got the Shotgun, You Got the Briefcase’: Judging, Lawyering and Ethics,” appears in the The Wire: Urban Decay and American Television (ed. Potter and Marshall, Continuum Press, 2009)

To purchase any of Lynne Viti’s Finishing Line Press books, click here.